Freaks Ive Met The Book

Freaks I’ve Met

By Donald Jans

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About The Book

Determined to prove that money does buy happiness, a disillusioned college grad heads to California to seek his fortunes in the sleazy underbelly of the ‘80s bond market.

The author’s Bukowski-esque tale…is an engrossing but tongue-in-cheek drama that, even at its most dramatic, will leave readers smiling. – Kirkus Reviews

Freaks I’ve Met is a satisfying tour de farce that is surprisingly humorous, pointed, and fun as well as a serious, pointed survey of the institutional bond market, based on author Donald Jans’ own background in this financial sector. – Midwest Book Review

A Great Book! Hard to imagine that a book about bond trading could make you laugh out loud. But this one does. – Ted Kellogg

A cult classic for the newly graduated generation. It has all the hallmarks with strange characters, scathing writing, cautionary subtext, and dark humor.  Hard to put down, deceptively entertaining, FREAKS I’VE MET is a strange beach read for those just starting out in life.”  – Indie Reader

About The Author Donald Jans

Donald Jans—a Chartered Financial Analyst and Gonzaga University alumnus—survived more than twenty years in the institutional bond market and encounters with all kinds of freaks. The author of several screenplays, he is currently working on his second novel. He lives in Portland, Oregon, with his two small children.

The Author Donald Jans

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